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Kiri is now working in a ‘BUSY’ administration role!

After moving from Melbourne, Kiri was transferred to BUSY At Work, a Queensland provider of the Australian Government’s Workforce Australia Employment Services. Along with a range of complementary programs that The BUSY Group deliver, BUSY At Work assists job seekers to become work ready and find employment.

Kiri had been struggling for some time to find the right support into work and said, “I have been a Centrelink payment holder for the last twelve years and have been through many processes from transitioning between employment agencies to finding the appropriate follow through support. I’ve participated in all required obligations including Work for the Dole activities, on site workshops and external certificates or qualifications, some more than once.  

“Sadly, in all those years I was never able to find a provider that offers support in either mental health stability or gaining long term employment. Since starting my new journey with BUSY At Work back in July 2022 I have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of support my mentor has offered to help me become work ready. This included mental health appointments with BUSY Health and onsite work readiness workshops.”

After six months’ support from BUSY At Work and BUSY Health (who offer professional psychological and counselling services), Kiri was deemed job ready. With help from her BUSY At Work Recruitment Partner, she has commenced a business administration traineeship. Now financially independent and working full time in her administration role with BUSY At Work, Kiri is undertaking a Certificate III in Business.

Sharon Potaka, General Manager of Employment and Programs at BUSY At Work, said, “We’re proud of Kiri and how far she has come since commencing with BUSY At Work. Addressing the underlying barriers Kiri was facing have paved the way to her becoming work ready. Kiri’s empathy and understanding of the challenges some job seekers face contribute greatly to her role!”

With a new-found confidence, Kiri is looking forward to one day helping others who are in the same position that she was.

“A massive thank you to the BUSY Health team for helping me start my journey and my BUSY At Work team at Southport for continuing to support me in my role. I hope that someday I may offer the same opportunities to those who are experiencing difficulties as I once did.”

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