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Mackenzie Moulds her Trade Career with an Apprenticeship

Having left school and working at a local café for the past two years, 16-year-old Mackenzie decided it was time to take up the career she has always wanted.

Growing up, Mackenzie worked with a friend of her father’s in a foundry, which is where she discovered that she really enjoyed moulding. With support from her family and friends, Mackenzie decided to take up this trade.

Through BUSY At Work, Mackenzie was signed up into a Casting and Moulding apprenticeship at Olds Engineering in Maryborough, where she will work towards completing a Certificate III in Engineering. Mackenzie is the first ever female apprentice to join the team at Olds Engineering!

Mackenzie stated, “BUSY At Work have been incredibly helpful in providing me with all the information I needed to begin my certificate.”

Upon sign up, Mackenzie was offered the opportunity to join the BUSY Sisters Mentoring Program, which will support and guide her through her apprenticeship and a career in what is traditionally a male-dominated industry.

General Manager of BUSY At Work’s Australian Apprenticeship Support Services, Cassandra Horan, said, “It’s great to see some of these more traditional and uncommon trades still going strong, particularly in our regional areas.”

“Congratulations to Mackenzie, not only for commencing her apprenticeship, but for also being one of very few female apprentices in Queensland to do this qualification.”

When asked what advice she would give to other women considering entering a trade, Mackenzie replied, “If you love it then do it, don’t worry about what others might think.”

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Mackenzie was signed up into her apprenticeship in Casting and Moulding in Maryborough.
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