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Melbourne Stormer has electrician career set up after football

Melbourne Stormer has electrician career set up after football

Plan a life beyond the goal post with an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships can prove to be a great way to prepare for the future, giving you more options in your career path if things don’t quite turn out how you had planned.

Many professional athletes dedicate much of their time to bettering their skills on the field, in the pool or on the court, so they can deliver the best possible performance.

It’s important in this situation, however, to think ahead about what you want to pursue once your career has wrapped up.

Melbourne Storm prop Bryan Norrie has prepared himself for life off the field when that day comes, completing an electrician apprenticeship while playing in the NRL.

The Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador says that finishing his apprenticeship was a “great achievement” and he now as a career as an electrician to look forward to after football.

“By completing an apprenticeship, you gain the real world skills needed by industry and make yourself more attractive to potential employers,” he said.

Mr Norrie is also a 2013 NRL apprenticeship mentor for the NRL’s Trade Up with the NRL program, helping young rugby league players balance sporting commitments with an Australian Apprenticeship.

There are a wide range of apprenticeships in Queensland to pursue, with mining, engineering, cooking, hairdressing and agricultural opportunities available.

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