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Mining royalties redirected at regional infrastructure

Queensland’s active mining sector contributes more than $1.5 million in royalties to the state’s government, according to the Queensland Resources Council, ensuring that important services continue to receive funding.

A recent announcement confirmed the fact these royalties provide a significant benefit to people around Queensland. This financial year will see more than $4 billion directed at infrastructure spending for regional centres, providing apprenticeship opportunities and better roads and resources for people across the state.

As the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that employment growth is slowing nationwide, major projects such as this are essential for keeping Australians in jobs and providing new opportunities.

Regional Queensland infrastructure receives funding boost

The latest round of funding for these regional projects is a natural extension of the Building Our Regions program, which offers millions in investment for projects across the state.

At this stage, the government is still to confirm exactly which projects in which regions will benefit from the financial boost. However, it is expected that these developments will follow a similar path to those already funded by the Building Our Regions program which supported 700 jobs across just over 40 different projects.

Submissions for the second round are currently open, and Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk notes the government has made the process much easier, ensuring all local bodies and councils can confidently apply for funding.

“We have listened to the Local Government Association of Queensland. Councils now only initially need to prepare an expression of interest,” she explained

“The Department of State Development will assess these expressions of interest, short-list projects and give councils four weeks to prepare a detailed business case for their project.”

The Premier is promising rigorous review processes to ensure the projects that receive funding will provide a notable benefit to jobseekers, councils and people that will use the completed projects.

Once the initial expression of interest is accepted by ministers, applicants will then be required to create and supply a more detailed application to explain the project’s attention which gives people a clearer idea of what it means for apprenticeships in Queensland.

The announcement that the multi-billion dollar project uses mining royalties as its foundation is further evidence the industry still remains essential for Queensland ongoing development.

By Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator

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