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5 Misconceptions Surrounding Hiring An Apprentice

apprentices and worker on site
apprentices and worker on site

Hiring an apprentice or trainee can often seem like a complicated process, one that your business doesn’t have the time or resources to figure out. There’s plenty of misconceptions surrounding hiring trainees and apprentices that can add to the confusion and, without knowing all the facts, it can seem easier to write off hiring a trainee or apprentice altogether than trying to figure it all out.

Luckily, here at BUSY At Work we know how valuable taking on an apprentice or trainee can be for your business, and we want to make the process as easy as possible. We’re big on connecting people to their dreams so we’ve broken down some of the misconceptions surrounding hiring an apprentice for you.

1. It’s not affordable for my business

Especially for Small to Medium Employers (SMEs), hiring an apprentice or trainee can seem like a costly task. BUSY’s free services however, streamline the process and allow you to hire someone who will turn into a long-term business investment. It’s a common fear that your business will waste its hard-earned dollars on finding and working with a trainee or apprentice who just isn’t up to scratch. But, because BUSY does all the leg work for you by screening applicants, you don’t have to worry about putting your time or money into someone who isn’t perfect for the job.

2. People don’t want to do apprenticeships

In recent research examining the transition of young people into work, when young Australian apprentices and trainees were asked how they feel about undertaking their apprenticeship, the vast majority said they felt emotions like excited and happy. The stats don’t lie and it’s clear that the majority of young people are enthusiastic about undertaking their training. As a business, it’s worth tapping into this enthusiasm and using BUSY to find an apprentice or trainee to fit into your workplace.

3. There’s no apprentices that will fit in my business

It’s easy to think that you have to be a sparky or a carpenter in order to take on an apprentice, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Apprentices learn a skilled trade under a qualified tradesperson and there are hundreds of different trades out there from hairdresser, to mechanic, to chef; as well as all the regular tradie jobs you might imagine like plumber, electrician and cabinet maker.

If your business doesn’t slot into one of these categories, you can still take on a trainee. A traineeship involves someone spending time learning a job under a supervisor and can be done in just about any workplace, like a shop, fast food restaurant, childcare centre or office.

There’s bound to be an apprenticeship or traineeship qualification that will fit into your business and if you’re confused (and based in QLD) you can contact us at BUSY and we’ll help you figure out the right qualification for your business.

4. I don’t have the time to teach someone

The great thing about vocational education and training is the flexibility. Training can be full time, part time or school-based so you can choose someone who is able to work to your timetable. There’s also flexibility surrounding off-the-job training components, so timing, location and the nature of training can be negotiated to suit you.

5. It’s too hard to find the right person

We get it, good workers are hard to find. From advertising the position, to sorting through applications, shortlisting people and conducting interviews, hiring someone isn’t the easiest process in the world. On top of this, there’s always the possibility that you’ll do all the work and think you’ve found the perfect person, only for it to all fall through at the last minute.

That’s where we’ll do all the hard work for you. We’ll place your vacancy (for free) on Apprenticeship Central, complete the pre-screening, testing and provide you with an interview shortlist. We’ll find you the best person for the job, with minimal effort required on your end.

If you’re located in QLD and want to register your interest in working with BUSY to find an apprentice or trainee for your business, or just want to find out exactly how we can help you out, contact us on 13 BUSY (13 28 79) or 0421 268 884 (text only).

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