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BUSY helps Mitch Transition His Way into a Full Time Job

Mitch Morgan from Eumundi Noosa Auto Wreckers
Mitch Morgan from Eumundi Noosa Auto Wreckers

Eighteen year old Mitch Morgan may be young in years but his determination to get a full time job has always impressed BUSY At Work Employment Consultant Noosaville, Natalie McIvor.

Earlier this year Mitch was able to undertake the Noosaville Transition to Work (TtW) Program through BUSY At Work.

The program is an Australian Government initiative which provides intensive, pre-employment support to improve the work readiness of young people and help them secure work (including apprenticeships and traineeships) or education.

As a Transition to Work provider, BUSY At Work are able to deliver high quality services to employers to ensure young people are supported while settling into a job.

“Mitch attended our Transition to Work Program for eight months and completed a variety of job readiness workshops and activities.”

“He was always an eager participant in all activities and through the program we were able to secure him an internship with Noosa Eumundi Auto Wreckers and Towing in August this year.”

“It is great to see such a positive attitude in a young person and we are proud that Mitch has now been able to secure full time permanent employment through this program.”

Since joining the company Mitch has been kept busy dismantling motor vehicle engines and gear boxes and learning about vehicle parts.

Mitch said he was excited to be working full time and happy to be getting plenty of hours on the job.

“I’m working 40 hours a week and learning new stuff every day. Now that BUSY helped me get my license and I’m on my “P’s”, I am keen to start saving for a car and get myself back on my feet,” Mitch said.

A keen motor enthusiast Mitch was thankful for the continued support from BUSY At Work.

“I have always wanted to work in the motor industry and I am thankful that BUSY have helped me with driving lessons, work clothes and with some transportation costs,” Mitch added.

Looking ahead Mitch said he was keen to get a few years fulltime work under his belt and maybe get an automotive electrical apprenticeship in the future.

Noosa Eumundi Auto Wreckers and Towing Manager, Ivan Harrison said Mitch was making good progress on the job was always respectful and courteous in dealing with customers.

“Mitch is hardworking, polite and always willing to ask questions if he doesn’t know something. His work is improving all the time and he fits in well with our other staff,” Mr Harrison said.

BUSY At Work Managing Director Paul Miles, said the Transition to Work Program was a great way for young jobseekers to gain the confidence they need to take the first steps to gaining employment.

“Through the Transition to Work Program we can help young people, who may be early school leavers, improve their employability and work readiness skills.”

“By providing the right support and assistance we can help build them a pathway for the future,” Mr Miles said.

To participate in Transition to Work a young person must be aged between 15-21 and be an Australian citizen. Wage subsidies of up to $6,500 are paid to employers over 12 months to help with hiring and training costs for eligible young people.

For further details about the Transition to Work Program contact BUSY At Work on 13 28 79.


Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator
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