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More jobs created in Queensland as confidence hits 3-year highs

The number of jobs in Queensland could be set to rise, after the state government revealed people are increasingly confident about the future.

Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt said organisations have created more than 43,800 positions in the state since February this year. Furthermore, the Courier-Mail’s latest Queensland Index showed optimism is at three-year highs.

“We have all the right ingredients for growth, and Treasury forecasts Queensland will have nation-leading growth over the next two financial years,” he explained.

“Independent analysts Deloitte Access Economics have also forecast Queensland will lead the nation on economic growth over the same period.”

The Queensland Index revealed 57 per cent of respondents said ‘yes’ when asked whether they felt the state was ‘heading in the right direction’. Mr Pitt said this resulted in a positive reading of +27 per cent – the third-highest outcome since February 2009 and the best since August 2012.

He added that Treasury figures show Queensland gross state product (GSP) expanded at a rate of 1.3 per cent during the three-month period to June 2015. This represented a 2.2 per cent jump year on year.

Creating jobs in Queensland

Improvements in the economy are likely to have a positive impact on Queensland jobs, as well as apprenticeships and traineeships in the state.

Mr Pitt highlighted various industries and projects that are already generating numerous opportunities for the state’s jobseekers. For example, he noted that merchandise exports rose 21 per cent annually in September, with LNG and beef contributing $1.75 billion and $5.6 billion respectively.

“But we’re not just a ‘rocks and crops’ economy – we have one of the most diversified economies in the nation,” he explained. “Agriculture, education and tourism are all growth sectors of the economy and they’re all vital to delivering jobs now, and jobs for the future.”

There are a number of key initiatives going ahead in Queensland, such as the $3 billion Queens Wharf development in Brisbane. The scheme is expected to add $1 billion to the state’s coffers once complete.

The Echo Entertainment-led project is set to create 3,000 jobs during construction, as well as 8,000 operational roles. The organisation has also committed to generating thousands of tourism traineeships in Queensland.

Other important investments include an $800 million gas pipeline between the Northern Territory and Mount Isa, as well as $1.7 billion in funding for the LNG industry.

By Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator

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