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National Science Week heralded a success

National Science Week heralded a success

National Science Week wrapped up around the country yesterday.

More than 1,000 events were held across the country as a part of National Science Week, which wrapped up yesterday (August 19), showcasing career opportunities in the field.

Announcing the end of National Science Week, minister for science and research Chris Evans said the annual event was designed to encourage more young Australians to explore employment pathways in the industry.

“Twenty-first century challenges like an ageing population, climate change and the protection of natural resources present a whole range of opportunities for Australian scientists and researchers,” Mr Evans explained.

“We are committed to encouraging the next generation of Australians to choose a career in science, mathematics, engineering and research.”

Education options to kick-start a career in the science field include tertiary courses at universities, as well as mature age apprenticeships in specific areas.

The country-wide event included the Family Science Spectacular and Experimentathon at CSIRO Discovering Canberra, Adelaide’s Science Alive! Expo, The Mozzie Mash in the Kimberley region and stage shows in Brisbane and New South Wales.

Mr Evans said encouraging more Australians into science related careers was vital for world-changing research projects, such as the anthrax vaccine and penicillin.

Inspiring more people to get involved in science and mathematics related jobs was one of the purposes of the week-long event, he added.

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