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NDIS rollout changes Queensland healthcare sector

Across the country, preparations for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) have been having a significant effect on the way healthcare services are provisioned. The aim of the initiative is to ensure that people around Australia who need further assistance can get it. Described by the current Queensland government as the biggest social reform for over 40 years, it’s expected to benefit people statewide.

Along with supporting vulnerable people around Queensland, the NDIS is also expected to provide a number of job and apprenticeship opportunities. As the NDIS will provide more avenues of support for disabled Queenslanders, there’ll need to be more nurses, in-home care givers and other professionals to ensure the initiative is effective.

What will it mean for Queensland?

The state’s healthcare sector will need to grow significantly to support new deman

As of last week, the NDIS officially began in Queensland and in other states throughout Australia. As disabled Queenslanders now have great access to care and other services, the state’s healthcare sector will need to grow significantly in terms of worker capacity to support new demand. According to current estimations, it won’t be a small increase either, as Minister for Disability Services Coralee O’Rourke explained.

“The NDIS is expected to create between 15,900 and 19,400 additional jobs for Queenslanders in the state’s disability sector alone,” she began.”Many of these jobs will be in regional areas where unemployment rates are higher, including between 800 and 950 jobs in the broader Townsville and Mount Isa regions.”

The minister also noted that the program will ensure there is a diverse range of roles available for people who are looking to work in the sector. While many may think the initiative will boost opportunities only for care givers, Ms O’Rourke believes this won’t be the case at all.

“There will also be great entrepreneurial opportunities for people to start up new businesses or branch out existing businesses to meet the growing demands,” she continued.”So far we have seen ballet schools for children with disability and respite camping adventures – the possibilities are absolutely endless.”

Home care opportunities will increase under the NDIS.

Why is it such an important change?

The NDIS represents a notable shift in the way people interact with Australia’s disability system. As the National Disability Insurance Agency reports, the country is now moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach to one that acknowledges the unique needs of various people and gives them control and choice over their treatments.

With just under half a million people expected to benefit from the changes over the coming years, now is the perfect time for people to get into the healthcare industry.

By Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator.

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