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New housing opportunities in Queensland’s far north

Construction is rapidly becoming one of the main sources of employment in Queensland, with both the state government and private developers looking for new ways to house a growing population.

One example of this development has recently been announced in the far north of the state, with Cairns seeing a new housing development that will bring a further round of construction to the city.

The project is planned for the Mount Peter area, just south of the city, with the state government announcing it will help to build 18,500 homes here. To develop the area, the state will be partnering with local developers who will take on the housing construction of this project.

For example, the state will be undertaking a lot of the groundwork – installing roads, sewerage and stormwater systems for the region, which can then be built upon.

The first step in this project involves laying the necessary services for the first 1,000 lots within the development, as part of the Priority Development Infrastructure program. Once completed, this 3,000 hectare initiative is estimated to provide housing for 40,000 new residents.

Member for Barron River Michael Trout pointed out that this new development would be essential for providing a new avenue for growth around Cairns.

“This is a fantastic announcement for a city that is experiencing rapid growth, and this infrastructure will pave the way for much needed residential development,” said Mr Trout.

“The north side of Cairns is fast running out of available land for housing, so this development to the south is definitely needed.”

This is just one of the new projects the state government is undertaking, in partnership with the private sector. Other projects involve the development of further industrial space at Bromelton, south of Brisbane, which will create a new range of services in the state’s south-east.

New construction an opportunity for apprentices

As new construction work takes off around Cairns, there will be a growing demand for workers who can support these projects. With this development involving a range of civil construction aspects, along with the construction of housing, there is a real need for skilled workers.

As this demand increases, there will be a strong appetite for apprenticeships and traineeships in Cairns. New positions will be vital in the successful completion of these projects, and will offer a strong opportunity to learn on the job.

With construction work expected to continue strongly across the state, the need for these skills is likely to remain high in the future.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator.

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