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Overview of the Queensland resources and mining industry

Overview of the Queensland resources and mining industry

The latest resources and mining report is encouraging for those seeking an apprenticeship in Queensland.

The Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) has released performance highlights and key indicators of the current condition of the state’s resources sector. The news is encouraging for those seeking employment, training or apprenticeships in Queensland.

Job creation and employment

Growth in the resources sector remains consistently strong, generating a record 75,500 direct and 225,000 indirect full-time jobs in the August quarter this year.

Direct employment includes the individuals directly employed by an organisation and belonging to a certain sector or industry.

Indirect employment refers to when an industry creates employment in other businesses or sectors to supply or produce good and services, or when a firm contracts work to individuals outside their organisation.

On average there are three indirect jobs for every direct job generated in the resources sector, which represents approximately 18 per cent of the full-time labour force in Queensland.

Investment and expenditure

Overall, investment and interest in resources exploration remains high, with 139 coal exploration permits granted in 2012-13.

Although there has been a decline in international coal prices and some contraction in exploration levels over the past six months, these levels are still double what they were in 2011.

A record $8.5 billion was invested in the Queensland resources sector during the June quarter this year. This brings the total for the 2012-13 financial year to a new high of $30.9 billion.

Queensland is currently home to 30 per cent of Australia’s onshore exploration, while 90 per cent of the state’s gas supplies come from Queensland Coal Seam Gas (CSG) projects.

The state also produces more than 40 per cent of all internationally traded coking coal. This equates to an eighth of the global production of coking coal.

Exported to 38 countries around the world, Queensland’s coal provides electricity to tens of millions of people.

Where to from here?

Government investment and support has been lined up to encourage further growth and development in the Queensland resources industry.

These investments include infrastructure products such as the Galilee Basin Development Strategy, announced on November 7 by Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney.

There are significant long-term benefits to opening up the Galilee Basin to mining, including employment opportunities and economic investment.

“Companies that are currently investigating opening mines in the Galilee Basin are contemplating many billions of dollars of investments,” Mr Seeney said.

The Galilee Basin Development Strategy will incorporate lowering the start-up costs, streamlining approvals and planning, and supporting infrastructure expansion.

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