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BUSY At Work partners with Gold Coast Titans NRLW

BUSY At Work is pleased to announce its new collaboration with the Gold Coast Titans NRLW. This exciting alliance seeks to promote women who are working in male-dominated industries and to provide greater opportunities for girls and women in the community.

“We are so thrilled to be a partner of the Gold Coast Titans NRLW,” stated Cassandra Horan, General Manager of BUSY At Work’s Australian Apprenticeship Support Services.

“We admire these female athletes who hold down full-time jobs and have families, in addition to their training and game schedules. BUSY At Work’s Australian Apprenticeship Support Services is doing a lot of work around promoting and retaining women in non-traditional trades, and I think this partnership is a perfect fit for us.”

It has long been a focus of BUSY At Work to support and empower women through its education, employment, and training solutions. Through a variety of training and dedicated mentoring programs (including BUSY Sisters) we have been assisting women working in trades—a testament to the organisation’s ongoing commitment.

“The BUSY Sisters mentoring program exists to support and guide women with their careers in male-dominated industries. Experienced mentors provide unbiased advice and insights on how to best navigate their apprenticeships or traineeships,” Cass explains.

“It’s an innovative and necessary program to help women get the support and information they need to succeed in their vocational pathways.”

The relationship between BUSY At Work and Gold Coast Titans NRLW offers another opportunity to support women at a local level.

“I’m extremely committed to supporting women, particularly in male-dominated industries, and what could be more male-dominated than sport?”

“I am so pleased that the Gold Coast Titans NRLW is just as passionate about supporting their female squad with employment, skills, and training to ensure their success on and off the field,” Cass further stated.

BUSY At Work looks forward to working alongside the Gold Coast Titans NRLW to encourage and promote sporting and career opportunities, both within the club and the wider community.

“The work being done will pave the way for our future generations; and that’s a legacy BUSY At Work wants to be remembered for.”

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