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Queensland Government launches #Let’s Protect Respect program to support safe work places

We all deserve to feel safe and supported at work but sadly, many employees in Australia experience bullying, discrimination, and unfair treatment. Identified in a Queensland Training Ombudsman (QTO) report conducted in June 2022, this has been highlighted as more likely to occur if you are a female working in a male dominated industry.

In response to this report and as part of the overall Queensland Workforce Strategy, the Queensland Government Department of Employment, Small Business and Training has committed to respond to the key recommendations which include:

  • Preparing prospective employers and apprentices and trainees
  • Supporting apprentices, trainees and their employers throughout their training contract
  • Ensuring that where intervention is required, it happens in a coordinated manner and as early as possible

These recommendations are crucial for key stakeholders, including Apprenticeship Support Network providers, and employers to also adopt if real positive change is to occur.

One of the initiatives that the Queensland Government has launched in this response is their ‘Let’s Protect Respect’ campaign which promotes respect and support for apprentices and trainees, particularly for women working in male-dominated industries. The campaign provides important information and advice for apprentices, trainees and employers to ensure everyone involved knows their rights and obligations. As well, where to turn for help if things do go wrong at work.

Many industries are experiencing the productivity, diversity and cultural benefits of employing women in male-dominated workplaces and the campaign also aims to highlight this to help break down the stereotypes and gender discrimination that can be experienced in the workplace.

BUSY At Work is one of the longest-serving and largest Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers in Queensland and is 100% committed to supporting this initiative. Partnering with industry, BUSY At Work aim to improve diversity and provide interested apprentices or trainees with the support required to complete their qualification and find ongoing career success. They have long been supportive of female apprentices or trainees entering non-traditional trades, providing mentoring support through their BUSY Sisters program, and other initiatives.

Paul Miles, Managing Director of The BUSY Group said, “We encourage everyone to get behind the Queensland Government’s ‘Lets Protect Respect’ campaign and support inclusive workplaces that are safe for apprentices and trainees!”

Find out more about Let’s Protect Respect.

Find out more about BUSY Sisters and other support available for women in non-traditional trades.

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