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Queensland vocational education and training report delivered

Queensland vocational education and training report delivered

An interim report has been delivered to the Queensland government examining the state's VET sector.

Queenslander apprentices and trainees will benefit from a government initiative to overhaul the state’s vocational education and training (VET) sector, it was revealed last week (August 31).

State minister for education, training and employment John-Paul Langbroek said the government had received the first report from the Skills and Training Taskforce, which aims to revitalise the TAFE system to deliver better training opportunities for Queenslanders.

Mr Langbroek said the report would ensure the state’s VET sector meets industry and market demand – improving the career outcomes for those enrolled in adult apprenticeships and school-based programs, as well as other trainee pathways.

“We’re not interested in whether or not people have certificates or diplomas if they don’t have jobs,” Mr Langbroek explained.

“This is about making sure that there are real career outcomes for vocational education students and it’s not a case of training for training’s sake.”

The interim report delivered to the government last Friday (August 31) would help determine what actions were required to reinvigorate the state’s training and education system, ensuring it works towards meeting skills shortages and future market conditions.

The Skills and Training Workforce worked with a number of peak industry bodies from across the state on the report, including representatives from the agriculture, tourism and construction industries.

Completion and delivery of the final report is expected by November.

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