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Re-establishment of Queensland’s uranium mines

Re-establishment of Queensland’s uranium mines

A new action plan for uranium mining may provide new apprenticeships in Queensland.

In a move that might boost apprenticeships in Queensland, the Newman Government recently released an action plan for uranium mining.

This could provide a significant contribution to economic growth in the region, as well as job creation.

A decision about when uranium mining will make a comeback depends on factors such as supply and demand, the world market price for uranium, and the cost of mining.

However, the government aims to get all the necessary guidelines and protocols in place before mid-July 2014 when it will start to assess applications.

There is approximately $10 billion worth of in-ground uranium in Australia, according to Natural Resources and Mines Minister Andrew Cripps, who said more than $8 billion of that can be found in northwest Queensland.

The action plan sets out the best practices to ensure environmental, economic, safety and approval standards are maintained and was set up in response to a report by the Uranium Mining Implementation Committee (UMIC) released in March 2013.

“The Queensland Government’s role is to provide investment certainty for industry by having best practice regulatory, compliance and approval processes in place,” said Mr Cripps.

The government’s strategy also aims to include aspects of community development and indigenous employment.

A Uranium Mining Oversight Committee will be set up to measure the industry’s development against the action plan.

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