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Resource sector provides home building boost

Resource sector provides home building boost

Jobs in Queensland for home builders

Construction in resource-rich areas of Queensland is experiencing a boom at the moment, latest data from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) has indicated.

It is therefore advisable for those in search of jobs in Queensland to move closer to resources areas, noted HIA executive director Warwick Temby.

He recommended that the regions of Toowoomba and Central Queensland are among the best performers at the moment, as double-digit growth in the home building sector has been seen over the past 12 months.

Mr Temby continued: “This is overwhelmingly positive news for an industry that has struggled to climb out of a GFC-induced recession.

“But to have big impacts on employment in the industry the growth that has been seen in the resource areas needs to take hold elsewhere in the state.”

Contractors in Queensland were recently given job opportunities as the state government called for people to come forward to carry out a housing audit.

Around 4,000 properties owned by government employees need to be assessed and positions will be created throughout Queensland in order to carry out the task.

Local contractors with previous experience are being urged to apply for the positions.

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