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Rockhampton has sights set on growth

Rockhampton has sights set on growth

Rockhampton has sights set on growth

Rockhampton is expecting to experience significant population growth over the next two years, leading to a plan being put in place to meet the needs of residents.

The Queensland Plan Task Force has been deployed in a bid to ensure the forecast ten per cent growth will not present too much of a strain on the existing infrastructure and services.

The move could also prove a positive one for apprenticeships in Rockhampton, as efforts are made across the city to accommodate the growth.

Rockhampton region mayor Margaret Strelow explained that the submissions that have so far been made by the Task Force have received a positive reception.

“We promoted the things that we’ve already got and how willing we are to embrace the plan and told the minister that we believe the Queensland plan was simply made for us!

“All the ducks are in a row for Rockhampton and we are more than ready. I have set a target of ten per cent growth in 24 months,” she commented.

The mayor also encouraged the people of Rockhampton to get involved, with local businesses and community groups being called upon to take up the initiative and encourage people to the area.

She suggesting creating a Residents’ Card, which would contain a number of offers that give people the push they need to shop, eat and drink locally.

A number of large-scale projects have already begun taking place in Rockhampton, such as improvement works carried out on Norman Road in the north of the city.

The project took 25 weeks to complete and cost around $3.18 million, as the council took steps to ensure the road would be able to cope with increased traffic in years to come.

Chair of the council’s infrastructure committee Glenda Mather noted that the road needs to deal with residential needs, as well as those of commuters heading to Rockhampton from further afield.

“It has been a continuation of other upgrades along Norman Road and Moores Creek Road, and delivers roadway, footpath, stormwater drainage as well as street lighting to a similar standard,” she noted.

Efforts were made to ensure disruption to local people was kept to a minimum while the work was carried out – through the use of strategic detours, the council was able to save approximately $100,000.

Crews will remain on site until a number of final tasks are completed over the coming days.

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