Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers

Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers (SCOW) is a new Australian Government-funded initiative to enable older Australian workers and recently unemployed older Australians to remain in, or re-enter the workforce.

The program provides personalised advice and guidance on upskilling for a current job, transitioning into new roles within a current industry or pathways to new careers, including options for relevant education and training. It helps older workers answer the question “What’s my next career move?”

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Career Planning Services for Older Workers

Does your job or career no longer ‘fit’?  Do you need to upskill or change direction to stay in the workforce? We can provide a fresh look at you and your career options.

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Employer Workforce Planning for Older Workers

Do you employ older workers who need some assistance with their career? The Skills Checkpoint Program offers mature workers personalised, one-to-one assistance to discover skilling and career opportunities based on what they can do.

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