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St Vincent de Paul benefits from the Work for the Dole program

Working for the Dole can be a positive and life changing experience. At least it was for former Community Solutions client Brad, who is now working fulltime in a role he thoroughly enjoys.

Earlier this year Brad was seeking fulltime employment and saw a poster on the wall at Job Services Australia promoting the Work for the Dole (WFD) program with the St Vincent de Paul Society in Mackay.

While he was still looking for fulltime work, Brad decided to approach the local Op Shop to see if he could do voluntary work at the shop. He then met up with the WFD Coordinator who arranged an interview with the manager of St Vincent de Paul.

After a successful interview Brad spent the next four months working a few days a week in the warehouse as well as driving trucks and distributing goods to needy people.

In the meantime a paid vacancy had become available at St Vincent de Paul so Brad decided to put his best foot forward and apply. Brad was successful in gaining the job and has been working there ever since.

WFD Coordinator, Kristy Gostelow said Brad’s story was just one of many good news stories relating to the WFD program.

“Brad was doing fantastic work as a volunteer at a local charity. If he had not been doing this work he may not have had the opportunity to learn about future jobs within this organisation. There was also the chance for Brad to learn new skills in a different work environment which proved to be a wonderful outcome for him,” Ms Gostelow said.

St Vincent de Paul is a major supporter of the WFD program in Mackay and is a current WFD Host Organisation.

“St Vincent de Paul has helped many job seekers gain confidence, build skills and set them on their pathway for future employment.”

“While not all WFD or volunteering will result in paid employment with the Host organisation it is a step in the right direction and could potentially lead to fulltime employment,” Ms Gostelow added.

The WFD program is an initiative of the Australian Government, administered and funded by the Department of Employment.

The WFD program places job seekers in activities where they can gain work skills which can help them find a job. It also provides job seekers with experience allowing them to give back to the communities in which they live.

Having just established themselves in their new office at 70 Sydney Street Mackay, Ms Gostelow said BUSY At Work were now keen to enlist other potential Host Organisations for the WFD program.

“We want to encourage not-for-profit organisations as well as local, state and Commonwealth Government agencies to become potential hosts for projects. These projects could involve maintenance activities, retail work, and rehabilitation of public parks, office administration, warehouse duties or gardening.”

BUSY At Work CEO, Paul Miles said BUSY At Work was delighted to hear stories like Brad’s which had produced a successful employment outcome.

“We are pleased to be the jobactive WFD Coordinator for the Mackay Employment Region as we believe these programs not only help the community but also provide real job prospects for local job seekers,” Mr Miles said.

If your organisation would like to offer a Work for the Dole placement you can contact BUSY At Work’s, Work for the Dole Coordinator to discuss the opportunity. To find out more call BUSY At Work 13 BUSY (13 28 79). Your local Work for the Dole Coordinator is Kristy Gostelow.

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