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Supporting apprentices into clean energy sector

As the world unites against climate change and reducing carbon emissions, Australia has been ranked 6th globally for the attractiveness of our renewable energy investment and deployment opportunities. The renewable energy industry is not only sensible from an environmental perspective but also represents huge opportunities economically and in the jobs market.

As part of Australia’s commitment to zero emissions by 2050, apprenticeship and traineeship entry into our growing renewable energy sector has been given a boost by the Australian Government who has committed $95.6 million over 9 years to support 10,000 new apprentices through the launch of their New Energy Apprenticeships program. The program will see eligible apprentices receive up to $10,000 over the course of their apprenticeship to assist them with cost-of-living expenses. Since January, BUSY At Work is seeing a growing uptake of apprentices in renewable energy sectors – in particular, more females entering non-traditional trades in the sector.

According to NCVER data from September 2022, this latest report showed that only 5% of apprentices currently working in potential clean energy occupations were women. Since the launch of the Australian Government’s New Energy Apprenticeships Program in January this year, BUSY has supported and signed up hundreds of apprentices that are working in verified new energy businesses. A whopping 17% of those apprentices were women, 12% higher than the reported NCVER figure.

The New Energy Apprenticeships Program encourages Australians to consider careers in the clean energy sector. The clean energy sector covers up to 40 different occupations across multiple industries. Some of the jobs that apprentices and trainees can work in include:

  • installing solar panels on roofs
  • working on large-scale renewable projects
  • agricultural technicians.

The program provides direct support to individuals undertaking a Certificate III or above qualification for a Clean Energy Occupation listed on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List. Australian Apprentices who started on or after 1 January 2023 are eligible for the program and have access to financial assistance of up to $10,000.

From July 2023, Australian Apprentices in the program will also have access to professional development training delivered by industry mentors. Connecting apprentices with experienced professionals will give insight into the industry, while providing real-world training and experience.

With the Australian Government supporting clean energy innovation across a broad range of projects, initiatives like the New Energy Apprenticeships Program will ensure a pipeline of skilled workers to support Australia’s clean energy infrastructure now and in the future.

BUSY At Work is here to support apprentices and trainees to gain skills and enter a career where they are shaping Australia’s future for the better – including women who now have more opportunities than ever to enter a career path of their choosing. We’re excited to see female apprentices proving they are just as capable as men in the trades sectors. Gender-inclusion and sustainable energy production is the way forward and BUSY is here to support that vision!

Find out more about the New Energy Apprenticeship Program and incentives available for apprentices and trainees.

The BUSY Group deliver a range of programs to support women into non-traditional trades. To find out more visit

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