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The ABCs of Apprenticeships/Traineeships: G-Z

The ABCs of Apprenticeships/Traineeships: G-Z

Horse Racing is just one of many industries offering traineeships in Queensland.

The list continues from G-Z. Here are even more industries that offer traineeships or apprenticeships in Queensland according to the Department of Education, Training and Employment.

Government: Learn about the ins and outs of local government or take on a traineeship in the public sector.

Health: Training is available in many fields, including dental, pharmacy or patient support.

Horticulture: Acquire skills as a greenkeeper, arborist or any other horticulture sub-industry.

Hospitality: Apprenticeships are offered in cookery, baking or hospitality operations.

Information technology: Take on the industry as a whole or specialise in anything from networking to multimedia.

Jewellery and watchmaking: Become an apprentice in either field to satisfy your creativity and learn the technical sides to this industry.

Justice and legal services: Learn about legal services or take on training as a police liaison officer.

Library and museum: Trainees with a thirst for knowledge can learn about libraries, museums and galleries hands on.

Manufacturing: A large industry that offers a wide range of training and apprentice opportunities in a number of fields – from gas and chemicals to machinery and technology.

Mining: One of the biggest industries in Queensland, enter the profession in gas, coal or metalliferous mining.

Printing, graphic arts and signwriting: This industry allows you to work digitally, creatively or with machinery.

Racing: Training is available for working with horses as a stablehand, trackrider or even a jockey.

Real estate and property management: Learn the profession of a real estate agent or property manager.

Retail: From the lowly retail assistant to store operations, traineeships are offered at all levels of the retail industry.

Security and correctional services: Learn skills in security operations or take on the challenging role of a correctional services officer.

Sports and recreation: Becoming a sports coach, a fitness instructor or an events worker are all options in this broad industry.

Telecommunications: Various levels of training are available while learning skills in data and voice communications.

Textiles, clothing and footwear: Make or repair bags, boots or shoes. Sail making and textile production skills are also on offer.

Tourism and travel: Training is available in international trade, tourism or events operations. The industry also provides opportunities to become a travel agent or tour guide.

Transport, distribution and storage: Logistics operations, rail infrastructure transport securities are just a few of the offered pathways in this industry.

Water: Learn skills in Dam maintenance or water treatment. Water distribution and water usage operation traineeships are also available.

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