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The BUSY Group welcomes Smart Employment Solutions!

Great news for Queensland employers and job seekers with the recent announcement of Group Training Organisation (GTO), Smart Employment Solutions becoming a part of The BUSY Group. The south-east Queensland based organisation will join Skill360 (a GTO based in north Queensland that has been a part of The BUSY Group since 2019) to support more employers throughout Queensland with their apprenticeship management services, as well as supporting more people to navigate their careers through an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Smart Employment Solutions has nearly 40 years’ experience in apprenticeship management services in south-east Queensland and the organisation aligns with The BUSY Group values of supporting more people into employment, training and further education. Skill360 also has many decades experience in North Queensland, so it was a natural fit.

Steve Craven, Managing Director at Smart Employment Solutions believes that both organisations align ethically and in their joint purpose to support skills and career development.

“Joining the BUSY Group provides a fantastic opportunity to expand our footprint and provide our valuable services to more employers in more regions, as we integrate with Skill360, and grow throughout Queensland.

“Together we can support more businesses, particularly in industries like construction trades that are experiencing skills shortages. Group Training Organisations offer the kind of support for apprentices and trainees that many business owners can’t find the time for. We ensure the apprentice or trainee is fulfilling the needs of their work participation and their training qualification, while providing a mentoring service that addresses any issues early on and enables their success. We can help business owners to future-proof the skills they need for sustainability and growth.”

Anthony Chan, CEO of Skill360, also believes the integration of Smart Employment Solutions into The BUSY Group will benefit Queensland businesses and multiple industry sectors.

“With the suite of complementary services that The BUSY Group offer, we can provide employers access to a large database of job seekers, as well as supporting services to empower untapped workforces such as women wanting to enter a non-traditional trade or a young person looking for a start as a school-based apprentice – and many others.”

Paul Miles, Managing Director of The BUSY Group said, “We’re excited to expand our apprenticeship management services throughout Queensland and welcome them joining The BUSY Group. The BUSY Group is considered a leading provider of apprenticeship services in Queensland and our GTO apprenticeship management services can only be enhanced by that long-term experience.”

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Smart Employment Solutions join The BUSY Group
Anthony Chan, CEO Skill360 (L) and Steve Craven, Managing Director of Smart Employment Solutions (R), with Sue Loch, Chief Commercial Officer at The BUSY Group.
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