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There’s more to apprenticeships than hairdressing or construction!

It’s National Skills Week this week and we’re putting a spotlight on the benefits of vocational education and training. One of the best ways to gain a qualification is while learning on the job (and earning pay), while completing a traineeship or apprenticeship. The combined workplace skills and the qualification training makes it a great way to develop your career – and it can take you to places you would never expect!

When it comes to apprenticeships or traineeships, most people think of a trade like hairdressing, construction work, auto mechanics, or chef work. But did you know you could potentially become a Melbourne Cup winning jockey like Michelle Payne, just by starting an apprenticeship? Or a world winning jewellery designer? Or what about a park ranger – or an oil rigger working way out at sea?

With over 500 apprenticeship or traineeship qualifications available in Australia the choices are endless. Let’s look at just some of the ‘lesser known’ apprenticeships or traineeships that you could consider.


There’s more to the aviation industry than just pilots and air hosts!

Through an apprenticeship, you could start your career in aviation by undertaking a qualification to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or an Aircraft Surface Engineer. A traineeship qualification could see you enter the world of Aeroskills Engineer or Aircraft Maintenance, Leading Hand Supervisor or Ground Services Operator, and of course, Flight Attendant. Imagine where that could take you? Bon Voyage!

Conservation & Land Management

Want a career that allows you to be one with nature, while making a positive difference for the environment?

A traineeship could see you become a conservation worker, including specialising in indigenous land management, lands parks and wildlife, natural area restoration or weed management. You could also work in the important water industry operations. Imagine wearing a stylish khaki uniform and traipsing through beautiful forests or national parks all day? Crikey mate!

Sports and Recreation

If you’re the sporty type, there’s plenty of opportunities to kick-start your career in the sports and recreation industry.

A traineeship could be the starting point for your career as a personal trainer, a gym instructor, pool lifeguard, sports coach or even a professional athlete. Look at you go champion!


Turn your love of everything equine into a career. An apprenticeship can see you advance your career as a jockey (just like Michelle Payne) and a traineeship could see you working as a stable hand or track rider. The early mornings are worth it when you get to spend your day with horses – yay (or should we say… neigh!)

Creative Arts & Design

If you’re the creative type, there’s plenty of ways to start your career through apprenticeships and traineeships.

An apprenticeship could launch your career as an arts administrator, design worker, florist, screen printer, picture framer, jeweller or watchmaker. What about a career in fashion doing clothing and textile production, footwear making/repairing, or leather tradesperson (hello handbags!). A traineeship could start your career in desktop publishing support or also in the fashion production industry as an assistant or operator. It’s bold, and it’s beautiful – just like you.

And there’s more, way more!

You could start your career as a beekeeper, dairy farmer, shearer, vet nurse, bicycle mechanic, demolition expert, dogger, signwriter, marketing coordinator, project manager, manufacturer – or anything you want really. Whatever your interests, talents, and preferences there is probably an apprenticeship or traineeship pathway to suit you. 

With so many possibilities, where can your career path take you? Find out more in our A-Z of Apprenticeships.

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