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Three career tips for apprentices and trainees

Three career tips for apprentices and trainees

Make the best impression for your apprenticeship or traineeship interview.

There are a number of apprenticeships in Queensland that are on offer, encompassing trades such as hairdressing, engineering, cooking, building and carpentry.

If you’ve set your eye on a career path you would like to pursue, then it’s important to get your plans in order so that you can get started!

Searching and applying for an apprenticeship or traineeship is pretty similar to applying for a job, with a quality CV and cover letter needing to be produced to impress your potential employer.

It’s also likely that you’ll need to go through a job interview, for the employer to assess whether you’re the right person for the job.

Here are three handy career tips for budding apprentices and trainees.

Have the ‘right attitude’

Employers can tell straight off the bat how keen you are for the job, simply by taking a look at your CV and cover letter.

If there are spelling and grammar mistakes in the first few lines, it shows that you didn’t take the time to properly read through and edit your document.

When presenting your documents to potential employers, it’s important to give work that is your best effort.

Make sure to take pride in your work, ensuring that the CV and cover letter is in a clear format and neatly presented, with no creases or folds. It’s sometimes a good idea to put it in clear L-shaped pocket to keep everything intact.

If you score an interview, make sure to dress appropriately and smarten up. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to show up in a suit, but it involves wearing clean, presentable clothing.

All these factors combined will show that you have the right attitude that they are looking for in an apprentice.

Practice makes perfect

If you still haven’t quite hit the mark with an employer on your third interview, don’t be discouraged, just remember that practice makes perfect!

You can learn from each experience, identifying common questions asked and how you can better answer them in the future. This means you’ll be better prepared for your next interview.

Willingness to learn

The whole reason you are taking up an Australian Apprenticeship is to learn the trade isn’t it? Remember to keep learning as the core focus of your experience, giving 100 per cent to every task put before you.

Even if you’ve been in your apprenticeship for over a year, don’t let your confidence get the best of you – there is still much that you probably haven’t learnt yet.

If you’re still not quite sure how to do something, ask again how it is done. This apprenticeship period is for you to learn new skills and refine them.

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