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Tourist numbers continuing to grow in Queensland

Queensland’s tourism industry is moving from strength to strength, with the sector contributing an estimated $23 billion annually to the state’s economy.

That’s according to new figures released ahead of the Queensland Infrastructure Projects conference 2015, with the report underscoring the diversity of current tourism developments in the pipeline that will drive growth.

Unsurprisingly, the Commonwealth Games continues to be a major factor, with the games village a major part of the project. The development of the Townsville integrated sports precinct is also playing a significant role in creating construction opportunities.

Further infrastructure projects include the development of new hotel and entertainment facilities in the state’s south-east. These include the $2 billion Queens Wharf development and a recently approved $1 billion project to construct three new high-rise developments on the Gold Coast, including both apartments and hotel facilities.

Finally, the state government is also investing heavily into education, with the report citing the $9 billion earmarked in the most recent budget that will likely see the construction of new schools across the state.

As well as providing valuable apprenticeship opportunities, these developments – particularly those in the tourism sector – are also essential for supporting the increasing number of visitors the state is seeing.

Tourist numbers increase on the Sunshine Coast

Underscoring the need for this new infrastructure is the growing number of tourists visiting Queensland’s shores over recent months. A recent report from the Sunshine Coast Council found that the region has seen a 12 per cent increase in the number of visitors over recent months, the highest results ever recorded for this time of year.

Driving this growth is travel into the area from further afield. The Sunshine Coast airport has recorded a 14 per cent increase in visitor numbers in the last 12 months, representing an additional 30,055 plane seats scheduled for the region’s airport.

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson highlighted just how important the area’s economic performance was to this growth.

“The strong economic performance of the Sunshine Coast is now clearly visible and the growing popularity of our airport shows great faith and confidence in our region,” said Mr Jamieson.

As more visitors land in the Sunshine Coast, demand for supporting work in the tourism and hospitality sectors is going to increase in step. Those seeking apprenticeships or traineeships in this sector are likely to benefit as a result of this growth.

By Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator

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