Townsville expecting big investments

The organisation has recently released its quarterly report on the investment conditions in Queensland’s most northerly population centre. Overall, the study found that there are currently $9 billion of investments currently underway in the region.

A further $35 billion worth of projects have also been confirmed for the city. Finally, $33 billion in investments have been proposed for the Townsville area, although these have yet to reach the approval stage.

The report also pointed to the high value of work completed in the first three months of this year, with $150 million worth of projects completed since the last report in December 2013.

Townsville Enterprise Chief Executive Officer David Kippin suggested that these projects would be key to revitalising the Townsville’s urban landscape. In particular, Mr Kippin highlighted the $40 million Jezzine Barracks and Kissing Points project as a significant infrastructure investment.

“This redevelopment aligns with the city’s plan to create lifestyle amenities that attract people to live and work in the city,” he said.

“Furthermore, the initiative supports the city’s united approach to the revitalisation and redevelopment of Townsville to complete its emergence as a mature and cosmopolitan northern city, in line with plans for the development of Northern Australia.”

Townsville is also set to benefit from greater economic growth in Queensland’s north, as the region expects conditions to improve in the future, specifically around the mining industry. If these initiatives take off, Townsville will be well placed to make the most of this expansion, given the importance of its port for mining operations.

With so many projects in the pipeline for northern Queensland, now might be a good time to consider an apprenticeship in a relevant industry. Even if not all of this planned investment goes ahead in Townsville, there will still be strong growth in the construction industry across the north of the state.

Townsville is also home to a number of different initiatives targeting aboriginal employment, making it easier for young people of aboriginal descent to get into an apprenticeship or trade as more of these projects begin to get off the ground.

With investment set to continue and plenty of support services available to new apprentices, now might be a great time to pursue a career in the construction industry in the north of Queensland.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator

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