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Townsville redevelopment receives official consent

Queensland has seen the introduction of a number of new initiatives designed to promote the state’s built environment through Priority Development Areas (PDAs). These represent parts of the state that are central to its built environment across the coming years.

One of these PDAs is the Townsville City Waterfront, a plan that will provide a number of opportunities for those seeking employment in an apprenticeship or traineeship in the region. Currently the initiative is expected to deliver hundreds of new jobs in a variety of different supporting industries.

The joint project represents a combination of work from both the state government and local bodies, including the Townsville City Council and the port authority.

The current redevelopment has already received $100 million in funding that will go towards integrating this project with the new Townsville Stadium. Alongside the Stadium will also sit a redesigned precinct that supports the stadium and provides a further boost to tourism in the city.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill emphasised the breadth of opportunities that this new funding would unlock.

“We now have an exciting opportunity to unlock the potential of prime areas of the CBD and create a world class inner-city precinct that will become a hub for tourism, commerce and lifestyle,” said Ms Hill.

Ms Hill went on to specify the further developments that will assist with the organisation over the future. The council has already begun considering further initiatives that will aid this development, with design work already beginning on the Waterfront Promenade project.

Priority development areas within Queensland

While the introduction of the PDA in Townsville represents a significant step forward for employment opportunities in the area, it is not the only project that has been zoned as a priority area.

Currently, there are 26 PDAs across the state. These range from the Townsville project to some of the biggest developments in the state’s south east, such as the redevelopment of Queens Wharf.

These PDAs offer a number of concrete benefits to individual projects undertaken within them. For example, projects within a PDA are subject to fast-tracked planning processes that means developers can break ground faster than standard processes. Furthermore, these initiatives are able to provide advanced services to residents living in these areas.

With these developments revealing the future of Queensland’s infrastructure, it won’t be long before residents and jobseekers are seeing the benefits of new investments in the state.

By Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator

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