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Townsville’s utilities to get new lease of life

In light of these concerns, the Townsville City Council has recently announced the upgrading of the city centre’s water system to meet growing demand from residents living in the area.

The $43 million upgrade is focussed on infrastructure, specifically around the water and sewerage network, as well as improving storm water drainage and upgrading some footpaths in the city. Companies like Telstra and Ergon will be approached about the project, which will add a further level of services to inner city residents.

This initiative is currently in the design process, with a main contractor already chosen for the planning work.

The first stage which will be undertaken is the construction of a 32 mega litre reservoir in West End, with funding allocated from this year’s budget. Further funding will be assigned over the next four years, as the project moves through different construction steps. Initial work is expected to begin later in the year.

By the end of the work, 12 km of new pipes will have been laid throughout the city centre, replacing pipes which are, in places, over 60 years old and well past their expected lifespan.

Mayor Jenny Hill highlighted how these projects were part of a city-wide effort to revitalise important facilities.

“The council has been undertaking major upgrades of water and sewerage infrastructure right across Townsville to support growth and the focus of that program will now also include the CBD where some underground services have already outlived their serviceable life,” said Mayor Hill.

“As the city grows, we need to ensure the capacity of the city’s basic services grows too to meet the new demand.”

For those looking for work in Queensland’s north, these projects will be a welcome development. Civil construction skills will be in high demand, along with a range of specialised skills necessary to complete this work on time and on budget.

One of the best ways to secure work in these fields will be to take on a relevant traineeship or apprenticeship in Townsville. These study options can set you up with all of the skills to pursue a career in civil construction, setting you up for a lifetime of employment.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator

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