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Train depot to creates jobs in Ipswich

Train depot to creates jobs in Ipswich

Ipswich train depot will create jobs

The construction of a new train maintenance depot at Wulkuraka is set to create hundreds of jobs, a local politician has confirmed.

A multimillion-dollar project, which could provide opportunities for apprenticeships in Ipswich, the depot is expected to offer employment for at least 200 people.

Ipswich West MP Sean Choat told the Queensland Times that the Ada St Facility had been planned for some time, but was mothballed due to residents’ concerns.

“But this time [there] will be impact assessments and environmental studies and the local community will have input,” he explained.

According to Mr Choat, the initiative will ensure “long-term job creation in the region, with local employment opportunities during the construction and operation of the maintenance facility”.

The depot will be run by Queensland Rail, which will also deliver 75 six-car trains under the company’s New Generation Rollingstock scheme to replace ageing vehicles.

Queensland transport and main roads minister Scott Emerson said the state government would approach the private sector in order to provide the trains.

The program would be completed through a combination of public and private funding, Mr Emerson went on to say, with value for money being the primary focus for the project.

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