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Why consider re-skilling through an apprenticeship?

Even if your workers completed their original apprenticeship many years ago, taking the opportunity to add to their skill set can have real benefits for your business.

So what do employers and tradies need to know about taking on an adult apprenticeship in Queensland?

The first thing to consider is what skills are going to bring the greatest value to your existing business. If your company specialises in electrical equipment and is constantly having to bring in specialised skills for single jobs, this might be an area where re-skilling can add value.

By choosing a complementary skill set, your workers will be able to complete smaller jobs as they come up, rather than having to call in a separate contractor for every little project.

Showing your employees that you take their career progression seriously can also be a great advantage for staff retention. Investing in the skills your employees have and helping them achieve their own career goals can create a strong culture within your workplace, while also making your company more flexible.

For individual tradies looking to re-skill, having experience in a different area can be a great way to make yourself more employable. Future employers will be on the look-out for someone with a versatile background, and having training in two different trades is a great way to set yourself apart from other job hunters.

While there are clear benefits to re-skilling or up-skilling your workforce, it is also important to make sure that you understand the different educational requirements that will come with this process. Future study options will heavily depend on the types of qualification your staff already possess.

If your staff have already achieved a level III certificate and want to pursue a level IV qualification, this can add greater specialisation to your workplace. However, if you want greater variety in your staff, it might be better to have them achieve a level III qualification in a different area.

Finally, if you are looking to up-skill or re-skill your staff, make sure you investigate any incentives that are on offer from the government. Employers with apprentices over the age of 45 may be eligible for a Mature Aged Worker incentive which can be received once an apprenticeship begins and again when the training is completed.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator

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