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Will green building be a focus of Queensland construction efforts in the future?

Businesses across the world are coming under more and more scrutiny for the way they operate, especially when it comes to managing their impact on the environment. However, there are a number of changes occurring across various industries, with the construction sector in particular exhibiting an important focus on greener operating practices.

The changes are especially important for people looking for apprenticeship opportunities in the sector to be aware of, especially as more projects begin to take on a green and eco-friendly focus. It’s been a point of interest for the Australian government for a while now, and the recent CairnsPlan 2016 reveals that these desires for a more sustainable future are actually being put into action as well.

Mapping the course of green building in Australia

In the grand scheme of things, a focus on sustainable building is relatively new for Australia. However, an explosion of interest in solar power and other green energy options has certainly provided a valuable back drop for these discussions.

The Sydney Olympics in 2000 started Australia’s green building focus.

According to the Australian Trade Commission, the Sydney Olympics in 2000 drew significant international attention to Australia’s green building potential, meaning the onus is now on building professionals to keep up this reputation.

It’s a focus that seems to have taken hold as well. The highest Green Star ranking a building or structure can get is six stars, an award that now adorns more than 550 projects across the country, including 20 per cent of Australia’s total office space.

There a major benefits for projects that take on a green building focus. These include:

  • Higher sales values
  • Better occupant health and productivity
  • Lower outgoings
  • Less waste

For people looking at jobs as a construction apprentice, it’s worth being familiar with these trends, especially as they begin to become a major focus of more and more projects.

Sustainable building comes to Cairns

Proof that green building and sustainable planning are becoming more important to Australia, this year’s CairnsPlan maps out how the city will evolve in a manner that is aligned with the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. The document is a 20 year plan that will focus the Cairns Regional Council’s efforts in creating sustainable building and development projects.

Cairns will evolve according to sustainable planning practices.

With the council laying out a series of assessment frameworks for projects in the region, it provides important context for future apprentices and the work they’re likely to be completing.

The construction industry will continue to be a strong provider of apprenticeships in Queensland, especially as it is willing to evolve with current trends in order to continue providing new challenges.

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