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World First App to Revolutionise Choosing An Apprenticeship

Employment provider BUSY At Work has today unveiled a state-of-the-art, world first virtual reality app designed to revolutionise the way young people choose an apprenticeship.

VApprentice is a gamification app that provides potential apprentices with a virtual experience of jobs ranging across sectors such as hospitality, construction and retail.

BUSY At Work Managing Director Paul Miles said that it is an exciting and innovative piece of technology that provides unprecedented insights into a variety of careers.

“VApprentice is an innovative, first of its kind virtual reality app that will revolutionize the way young people choose an apprenticeship, and BUSY At Work could not be more excited to launch it today,” Mr Miles said.

“This new cutting edge technology will not only make choosing an apprenticeship fun and accessible, but will also give job seekers an unprecedented insight into what a particular apprenticeship entails and the opportunities it offers.

The app works by providing gamified experiences to different apprenticeships ranging from being a chef to construction, childcare, retail and aged care jobs, among others.

Users perform tasks associated with each year of the respective trade as they graduate through the apprenticeship, with increased complexity as the game progresses.

Mr Miles said that VApprentice will help boost completion rates for apprentices by providing job seekers with advanced levels of knowledge to better inform their career options.

“A key challenge is to find ways to boost completion rates for apprentices, and VApprentice delivers a proactive approach to increase the likelihood of workers completing their apprenticeship.

“This is an exciting innovation that will help young people make better career choices while also building their skill sets for different professions,” he said.

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