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2 things businesses need to know about getting the right qualification

Business owners play a vital role in providing the experience apprentices and trainees need to secure their qualifications, but they also need to get the right skills to complement their own work.

After all, there are plenty of different qualifications that an apprentice or trainee can take on. In fact, Australian students can pursue over 600 different courses, across a variety of different industries.

For businesses, this poses a bit of a challenge – how can they be sure that a particular qualification is the right match for their business.

One of the best ways to get the right qualification for your business will be to talk through your needs with a local Australian Apprenticeships Centre like BUSY At Work. They will be able to provide greater information on the resources available in your area and can give tailored advice to your company.

Once you have decided on the right qualification for your business, Apprenticeship Central can also provide a range of candidates looking for a job in your area. With a simple registration process, this is an easy way to start searching for the best possible candidate.

To help get this process running smoothly, here are two things you should consider when finding the best qualifications to suit your business.

Can you offer supervision in this area?

This is perhaps the most important question to ask when you hire an apprentice or trainee.

After all, your company must be able to provide and supervise work across the vital skills that an apprentice or trainee needs in order to achieve their qualifications.

Making sure that any qualification a new apprentice or trainee undertakes also matches up with the skills that your staff possess and can pass on is essential for finding the right solution for your business.

Will this qualification add value to your business?

Making sure that your new apprentice or trainee is working in an area which adds value to your business is a vital consideration. After all, a new apprentice or trainee represents the ability to introduce a range of new skills into your business.

Another pair of hands will also be very valuable if you are currently facing a high workload.

Taking on an apprentice or trainee in a high-demand area will ensure they make a positive contribution to your company while also helping them achieve a new level of skill.

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