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Better transport for rural south-east Queensland

Transport corridors in Queensland face a range of different challenges, with many small towns facing heavy vehicle use as different projects and equipment move around the state. While these routes are obviously essential for the state’s mining and transport industries, they don’t necessarily provide a safe environment for locals.

Fortunately for one town in rural south-east Queensland, the state government has announced a new bypass that will ease traffic flow in the area.

The newly planned bypass for the town of Beaudesert – halfway between Brisbane and the New South Wales border – is one example of how new developments are addressing the challenges presented to locals.

This planned bypass involves a new route to the west of the town, allowing traffic from the Mount Lindsey highway to pass around Beaudesert, rather than through its centre. By giving heavy vehicles the opportunity to avoid the CBD, the community will be safer, while also offering easier transport links for truck drivers in the area.

New state development precinct to accompany bypass

While the bypass itself will offer new opportunities for those seeking a civil construction traineeship in Queensland, the project is just the first of a series of developments in the area.

Part of the logic behind the bypass is its role in supporting the state development area at Bromelton. This area is set to become a significant industrial development, thanks to the transport connections of the area. Along with the development of this new bypass, the area is also connected to the state’s rail network.

Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney pointed to the range of new projects that are required for this development.

“Our Priority Development Infrastructure (PDI) Co-investment Program will see the state government co-invest in start-up projects such as road, water supply, sewerage and stormwater infrastructure that will enable councils to attract investment to get associated developments off the ground,” said Mr Seeney.

“We believe that this investment will be the catalyst for the development of the Bromelton Industrial Estate – a major transport and logistics hub – and will also support future redevelopment of the Beaudesert CBD.”

As this area of south-east Queensland develops into a major hub for construction and industrial development, there is going to be increasing demand both for apprentices in construction and in skilled industrial work. With this bypass just the first major development for the region, the future of Queensland’s infrastructure is looking bright.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator.

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