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A Boost for Young Workers

A former teacher, Sarah Williams, has always been passionate about educating young people. Now the owner of the Boost Juice franchise at Riverlink, Springfield, Sarah recently signed up her 4th school-based trainee, Avriel Jaggard, through Apprenticeship and Traineeship providers, BUSY At Work.

Eager to assist young people transition into the workplace once they complete school, Boost Juice has a very high completion rate for their training and are extremely flexible and accommodating for their staff and school based trainees.

“BUSY allows us to give our team members at Boost Juice, positive training experiences that impact their lives positively. We receive fantastic feedback from the school based trainees who say they love working for such an awesome company”, stated Sarah.

BUSY At Work Managing Director, Paul Miles, added “As a young person entering the workforce, one of the hardest barriers can be getting a foot in the door. Companies like Boost Juice provide a proven work history, vital workplace skills and work references.

Traineeships and Apprenticeships can be the much-needed bridge for young people starting their careers”.

BUSY At Work is a leading provider of Australian Apprenticeship Support Services and has helped thousands of job seekers secure apprenticeship and traineeship positions.

More information on starting your career through an apprenticeship or traineeship can be found here.

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