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Carers to see greatest demand over the next ten years

The Commission has predicted the industries which will see the most growth between 2011 and 2025, giving a good indication of which careers are going to be in highest demand.

When it came to the areas that are forecast to increase, and that require between a level I certificate and an advanced diploma to enter, child carers and aged workers came out on top. These two areas recorded the first and second place spots across every one of the areas surveyed in the study.

The study modelled a number of different scenarios which could affect the Australian economy. The scenarios ranged from consistent high growth over the next decade at one extreme to a series of economic downturns and natural disasters as the other.

On the most positive projection, child care and aged care will expand by 83,400 and 83,300 more employees respectively. Even on the most pessimistic projection, aged carers are expected to grow by 44,000 new positions by 2025, while child care will increase by 43,500.

Health-related industries featured prominently in the list, with nursing support workers and welfare support workers both recording strong employment increases in the future. In the best case scenario, both of these areas will need 46,000 and 36,000 more qualified workers.

Other careers which cracked the top ten were electricians, chefs and vocational education teachers, with these all expected to see strong growth in the future.

Certificate level III and IV qualifications in general are also set to be in high demand over coming years. In fact, demand for these qualifications is set to grow steadily above the average demand for qualified workers in Australia.

With these industries set to see the greatest growth over the next few years, now is a good time to consider a career in one of these fields.

The first step for anyone considering one of these professions is going to be to understand the training requirements that come with these opportunities. With demand for apprenticeships and traineeships in Queensland expected to increase in the future, these opportunities will help you to make the most of predicted growth in the job market.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator

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