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Gillard government launches Kickstart initiative

Gillard government launches Kickstart initiative

Construction apprenticeships in Queensland could benefit

The federal government’s new Kickstart initiative is likely to create opportunities for apprenticeships in Queensland, with $57.5 million being invested nationally in skills training.

In a bid to boost a trade shortage in the construction industry, the government will be providing additional apprenticeships funding to encourage employers to take on new trainees.

The scheme is designed to boost the number of construction trade apprentices by 21,000 across the country by offering eligible companies an extra $3,350 for employing apprentices between now and February 28 2013.

This money will be on top of financial incentives already available under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Program.

Senator Chris Evans, minister for skills, said the Kickstart initiative is all about delivering the right people in the areas where they are required most.

“The need for skilled tradespeople in the housing sector will continue to grow and it is important we start training Australians in those skills now,” he explained.

Mr Evans highlighted how the funding will also be an important tool for providing guidance to teenagers once they have completed their studies.

“Employers can use Kickstart to tap into the pool of Year 12 students who have recently finished school and [are] thinking about their plans for next year,” he stated.

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