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Improving diversity with an apprenticeship or traineeship

Diversity in the workplace brings a number of benefits, including better staff retention, higher productivity and the ability to appeal to a broader client and customer base.

However, recent statistics from Hays Australia show many businesses in the country may be failing to use hiring practices that employ people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

In fact, the organisation’s data revealed 43 per cent of employers don’t have a diversity recruitment policy in place. Of those that do, 13 per cent claim guidelines aren’t followed.

Apprenticeships and traineeships could help businesses boost their diversity, as they are often designed to provide job opportunities to a range of different demographics, including disadvantaged groups.

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“Real and genuine diversity also involves recognising and valuing the varied skills, knowledge, backgrounds and perspectives that people bring to their work,” said Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand.

If your company is looking at ways of improving its diversity, here are some of the apprenticeships and traineeships available that could help.


Older workers typically bring experience and pre-existing skill sets to their new role as an apprentice or trainee. They also often set a good example for younger staff and are quick learners.

Mature-age apprenticeships are open to those who want to switch careers, upskill or re-enter the workplace after time away from employment. The Australian government revealed in the recent Federal Budget that finding jobs for mature-age people would be a priority, so apprenticeships and traineeships for this demographic could become more common over the coming year.

Indigenous Australians

Aboriginal employees are under-represented in Australian workforces, which is why the federal government launched the Closing the Gap initiative in 2008. One of the aims of the scheme was to halve the gap in employment outcomes between Indigenous people and other Australians by 2018.

Apprenticeships and traineeships are part of the solution, offering Indigenous individuals an excellent opportunity to get their first step on the career ladder.

Disabled people

Individuals who have disabilities often face barriers when trying to secure employment. As such, there is support available for disabled apprentices, trainees and their employers.

Companies may be eligible for Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support, while candidates can obtain assistance for interpreters, mentor services and workplace modifications.

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