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Kurilpa riverfront renewal offers new potential in central Brisbane

However, the shoreline further up the Brisbane River has remained relatively undeveloped, with the Kurilpa area still retaining a largely industrial focus.

This is set to change in the future though, with the Brisbane City Council recently unveiling a master plan for the Kurilpa riverfront. This 20 year plan is set to be the largest urban renewal project Brisbane has undertaken in two decades.

The plan involves staggered development of the land between Kurilpa Park and Hockings street, with a number of different zones within this space. In total, 25 hectares of land is going to be redeveloped, representing roughly one km of riverfront.

There are a range of different projects planned for the area. Two parks will be placed along the riverfront, along with renewed pedestrian access to run beside the river. At the same time, ferry terminals and other transport options within the precinct are likely to be revamped.

The current vision involves three distinct precincts progressing down this section of the river bank. The area closest to the CBD will be designated for offices, with the two spaces further down the river developed for new housing and commercial construction.

In total, roughly 11,000 new residents are expected to call this area home, once all of the areas have been redeveloped.

For those seeking an apprenticeship in Queensland, this master plan represents a big opportunity. A range of different skills will be needed across the construction phase, from civil construction workers on new roads, to builders and plumbers for office blocks and homes.

As the Kurilpa area sees greater investment and new business growth, there will also be a range of opportunities for those holding relevant qualifications. With cafes and restaurants likely to feature in the final development, these facilities will require a range of trained staff.

Currently, the project’s Master Plan is being finalised, with the final version expected to be released later in 2014. Once this has been completed, work will likely begin on the first initiative – repurposing parts of Riverside Drive as a pedestrian space and parkland.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator

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