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Lend Lease chosen for $1.1bn Gateway Upgrade North project

The Queensland government has announced Lend Lease Engineering as the chosen developer for the $1.1 billion Gateway North Project.

Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Jamie Briggs and Mark Bailey, Queensland Minister for Main Roads, Safety and Ports, said the decision marked a significant milestone for the initiative.

The project is expected to create numerous jobs in Queensland over the coming years, and could boost apprenticeships and traineeships in construction and related industries.

“It couldn’t have come at a better time, when jobs and job security are more important than ever,” Mr Bailey stated.

According to the state government, Lend Lease was selected from a roster of premium tenderers. The Gateway Upgrade North aims to reduce traffic on one of Queensland’s crucial highways, where congestion continues to be a severe issue.

The Gateway Motorway links key freight hubs in the state, including Brisbane Airport and the Port of Brisbane. The Queensland government is providing more than $232 million for the project, while nearly $930 million will come from federal resources.

“The addition of two extra lanes will significantly increase productivity, saving freight operators time and money and ultimately improving Australia’s freight competitiveness,” said Mr Briggs.

Infrastructure investment on the rise

The Gateway Upgrade North scheme is just one of a number of large-scale infrastructure initiatives given the green light in Queensland recently.

Mr Briggs said the multi-billion-dollar Bruce Highway renovation and the Toowoomba Bypass are world-class developments that boost the regional economy and provide much-needed employment opportunities.

Commenting on the Gateway Upgrade North project, Mr Bailey said it will be completed in 2018 and would make life easier for tens of thousands of motorists each day.

“We know the importance of a safe and reliable road network. Not only will this upgrade deliver travel time savings for drivers, it will generate a vast number of jobs over the life of the project,” he added.

An 11-kilometre section of the highway between Nudgee and Bracken Ridge will be widened from four to six lanes. Furthermore, developers aim to expand The Nudgee Road interchange and the Deagon Deviation will increase from one to two lanes in both directions.

Lend Lease emerged as the preferred developer despite stiff competition from Leighton Holdings and the NorthLink Joint Venture, both of which also made the shortlist of viable candidates. The state government has engaged Transurban Queensland to manage the delivery of the project.

By Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator

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