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Lochie starts his carpentry career!

When Lochie first commenced a Skilling Queenslanders for Work program which saw job seekers undertaking construction skills over a number of weeks, he didn’t realise that this would spark a passion not only for carpentry but for assisting young people.  The program was held at community organisation, Youth Development Foundation (YDF) who assist young disadvantaged kids in the community. Many of these kids have broken home lives and the guidance through YDF aims to get them on the right path for their education and future.

During the Skilling Queenslanders for Work program, Lochie and the team assisted with building a new deck, painting and general renovation on the site which is on designated Aboriginal land in Kabinjabi country, undertaking skills training to prepare them for work in construction. The centre will also provide Aboriginal history information of the important site.

Lochie really enjoyed the carpentry side of the program but was also inspired by what the organisation did in assisting young people. Because Lochie showed such a good work ethic and interest in the organisation, to his delight, he was offered a carpentry apprenticeship with the organisation. BUSY At Work (an Australian Apprenticeship Network provider) assisted in signing Lochie into his apprenticeship role with YDF.

“Seeing kids grow and become something is the most rewarding part of the program. I am really excited to start my carpentry apprenticeship as well as continue with YDF in supporting young people who may not have had the best start, many of them coming from abusive households.

“For anyone considering starting an apprenticeship, just do it, it’s so worth it! It may be low pay at first while you are learning, but look to the future”, Lochie said of the program and his start into an apprenticeship.

Lochie is also considering a qualification in community services down the track as well which will give him even more career prospects for his future.

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Lochie (R) is now undertaking a carpentry apprenticeship with Youth Development Foundation

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