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Southport revitalisation moving forward

One of these projects is the redevelopment of the old Gold Coast hospital site, a 3.4 hectare plot in the centre of the City’s CBD. Although the site is still being cleared, the state government has recently put the plot of land up for tender. Expressions of Interest will close later this year, with the successful bid taking control of the cleared site in 2015.

The cleared land will also be subdivided to offer greater usage for the site. An internal road will be built on the site to increase the level of access for the three spaces that will inhabit the plot.

This project is just one of the changes that are coming to the Southport area. The repurposing of the old Gold Coast Hospital site is part of the broader priority development zone, which covers a large part of the city centre and will be used to drive the future development of the precinct.

In fact, this site is likely to be one of the first and largest projects undertaken under the new rules that accompany this priority development zone.

Assistant Minister for Planning Rob Molhoek stated that these changes would bring a new range of services to the Southport area.

“The Priority Development Area plan supports a mix of uses, unlimited height and provides flexibility and innovation to private parties wanting to invest in this iconic piece of property,” said Mr Molhoek.

There are also a range of other developments that will complement the repurposing of the old hospital site. The location sits across the road from a recently built station for the new Gold Coast light rail line. Other major projects in the area include the new Gold Coast University Hospital and the China Town Precinct within the priority development zone.

As the redevelopment of this site gets underway, there are likely to be future opportunities for those seeking Gold Coast apprenticeships. Depending on the final use that the location is turned to, the range of skills needed in this project will adjust as well. That said, construction-related skills will no doubt be in high demand, thanks to this project.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator

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