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A spotlight on a career in the Electrical industry

With over 7,800 job opportunities in the Electrical Industry and a projected job growth of 10.9% in the next five years according to Seek, becoming a ‘sparky’ never looked so good.

To become a ‘sparky’ you will need have some fundamental skills, like basic maths, problem solving, teamwork and customer service. The life of a ‘sparky’ can sometimes mean working different hours so you will also need to be flexible.

An electrician’s responsibility of installing, testing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems generally keeps them pretty busy, especially when they are required in industries like Construction, Manufacturing and Mining. A career in electrical work can take you places – working for major companies on commercial properties or in mining, or working on residential or small business properties. You can also be out in the field working for telecommunications companies or involved in infrastructure projects for local or state government.

With this in mind, being an Electrician requires a high level of safety which is expected of anyone who is working in these industries. In fact, along with your Certificate III in Electrotechnology to become a certified electrician, you will need to keep up to date with safety certificates that include Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Low Voltage Resuscitation (LVR), along with your Workplace Health and Safety certification.

Thankfully, there are many pathways into the industry and to gain the required qualifications for a successful career in the trade.

Pathways into the Electrical Industry

An apprenticeship or traineeship pathway into the industry is a great first step. Through an apprenticeship or traineeship, you also have the added bonus of earning on the job while you gain a qualification.

Last year, there were 169,000 Electricians recorded by the Australian Government and 13,745 were signed up into apprenticeships. Electricians generally earn really good money too, especially once qualified and as an electrician you can also specialise depending on your interest. Here are the apprenticeship or traineeship qualifications currently available:


Appliance Servicing
Cable Joint Tradesperso
Data and Voice Communications
Electrical Fitter
Electrical Machine Repair
Electrician (Special Class)
Electrician /Electronic Instrument Tradesperson
Electronics and Communications Tradesperson
Fire Systems Technician
Gas Supply Industry Operations Level III
Gas Supply Industry Operations Level IV
Power Traction Lineperson
Powerline Tradesperson (Electricity Supply Distribution)
Powerline Tradesperson (Electricity Supply Transmission)
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
Security Systems Tradesperson 


Electrical Distribution – Power Systems Supervisor
Fire Systems Designer

Looking for an apprenticeship or traineeship in electrical work?

You can start your search for available apprenticeships and traineeships in the electrical industry (and other industries) on Apprenticeship Central.

Work as an electrician can be exciting, financially rewarding and an excellent career path. If you’re wanting to become a sparky, what are you waiting for?

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