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About to leave school? What’s next?

School leavers considering careers
School leavers considering careers

There are so many roads you can take upon leaving school! Do you go straight into university or other studies? Take a gap year to travel? Find work and save some money? Or you might want to earn while you learn on the job, through an apprenticeship or traineeship.

For those about to finish high school, this time of year poses all these questions – and more.

BUSY At Work has a range of support services for school-leaving job seekers, and we’re here to help you make the best choice for you.

Here are some of the BUSY At Work services that can assist.

Find a career path that is right for you!

Do you prefer the great outdoors or an office environment? Are you more hands-on or are you a problem solver? Are you a people-person or do you prefer to work in the background?

Knowing what you prefer, your working style, personality, strengths and weaknesses is a great first step in carving out a happy and successful career. When you find work you are good at and enjoy doing, it doesn’t feel so much like ‘work’.

A great way to learn more about yourself is by using a career assessment tool, like Cognisess. This free online service will provide you with a full assessment report that outlines your strengths, preferences and career paths that suit you.

Discover more about your career path preferences with Cognisess.

Apprenticeships or traineeships—earn while you learn!

An apprenticeship or traineeship is a great way to launch your career by gaining a qualification while learning on the job. With over 500 different qualifications to choose from in all sorts of industries—including trades, business, creative arts, environment, animal care, community services,   and many more—there’s bound to be a career path to suit everyone.

By the time you finish your apprenticeship (usually 3-4 years) or traineeship (usually 1-2 years), there are pathways to higher study (including university) and promotion. Perhaps you want to climb the ranks of the corporate world or dream of starting your own construction business. There are so many possibilities!

Find out more about apprenticeships and traineeships.

To view or apply for advertised apprenticeship and traineeship positions available across Australia, visit

Mentoring support for women in non-traditional trades

Diversity in the workplace is becoming increasingly important for employers. There are many women who prefer hands-on, physical work who are seeking and finding employment in construction, mining, engineering and other traditionally male-dominated industries.

If you’re a female looking to enter a male-dominated trade, BUSY At Work is here to assist! We have a range of mentoring support services and a connected community of trail-blazing sisters.

Find out more.

Want to start your own business?

If you’re the independent, entrepreneurial type, why not start your own business? The Australian Government Workforce Australia Self Employment Assistance program offers business start-up mentoring to help you get your business idea off the ground.

Find out more about the Self Employment Assistance program.

Left school and struggling to find work?

BUSY At Work delivers the Australian Government’s Transition to Work program which is designed to help young people who are early school leavers or those who have had difficulty entering the workforce upon school completion.

If you’re looking to gain confidence and skills to find work and launch your career, we may be able to assist.

Find out more.

Skilling up for career success!

Through the Queensland Government-funded Skilling Queenslanders for Work program, BUSY At Work delivers a range of on-the-job short courses that can help young people to explore and find a career path for them. Courses can range in length from a few weeks to a few months.

These industry-relevant courses include skills for hospitality, community services, construction, forestry, barbering and hairdressing, and more!

Some Skilling Queenslander courses even offer a paid traineeship or pre-apprenticeship.

Find out more

Living with disability?

BUSY Ability, a part of The BUSY Group, is a Disability Employment Services provider, assisting those living with disability to find meaningful employment. If you’re living with mental or physical disability that is holding you back from finding work, we can assist.

Find out more.

The road to career success…

There’s a saying that a career path is never a straight line and is more like a winding staircase! The choices you make now can always change in the future. Finding out what makes you happy and what you’re good at, is a great first start. So don’t be afraid to explore opportunities and eagerly welcome new experiences that come your way!

Find out more about BUSY At Work’s support for job seekers.

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