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Australian Apprenticeship Support Services Roadshow Events

Australian Apprenticeship Support Services Roadshow Events

Register for one of our launch events to learn more about the new Apprenticeship Support Services commencing July 1, 2024

Enjoy a FREE breakfast and gain first hand information on how the new Australian Apprenticeship Support Services can make a real difference to your business, including your bottom line.

This new approach focuses on retaining and completing apprenticeships, maximising the value of your investment.

  • Tailored support for all apprentices with a focus on pre-sign up assessment services to provide early and appropriate interventions
  • Additional support for key client group apprentices
  • Mentoring and Personal Support services. BUSY At Work’s specific Queensland Australian Apprenticeship Support Services specialist contracts including: BUSY Sisters supporting women in male dominated trades; BGreen supporting apprentices and employers in the Clean Energy sector; and Together – empowering our First Nations apprentices and their employers
  • Revised incentives starting from July 1.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your apprenticeship program!

Each event runs from 8am – 10am with a light breakfast included.

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