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Clinton’s Inspirational Turn Around

Clinton came to BUSY At Work Aitkenvale ready to turn his life around. For over a decade, Clinton had struggled with a number of challenges, including homelessness, incarceration, joblessness and mental health concerns. In May 2024, he entered the BUSY At Work office ready to make a change for the better.

Clinton threw himself into every activity and opportunity recommended to him. He was incredibly motivated to make a positive change, and worked with all the mentors in the team, learning how to modify his old behaviours.

With BUSY At Work’s help, Clinton undertook training to upskill himself for work, and obtained his forklift licence. He was provided with work clothing and an electric scooter to transport him to and from interviews and work experience.

Within a fortnight, Clinton had sent out a dozen resumes and attended multiple interviews. In less than a month, he was offered a position working in the kitchen at the local RSL Club.

Clinton hopes if he continues to work hard he will be offered a full time position with the club, and is keen to further his skills with an apprenticeship. For now, he says, he loves cooking, dealing with the customers and being able to be part of the team. The staff at the RSL are just as happy, and say they absolutely love having Clinton in the team.

Clinton’s inspiration for his transformation was his daughter, with whom he is reconnecting after a number of years. Clinton is now an inspiration himself, and the entire team at BUSY At Work are extremely proud of how far he has come in such a short time.

His advice to others in his position is to keep motivated: “I’d say just go for it. Keep doing what you’re good at. Someone’s eventually going to give you the opportunity. If you have the right tools and you can motivate yourself then you will succeed.”

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