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Jayden in Sight of Completing Her Spray Painting Apprenticeship

AA Jayden Pashley Employer Stephen Redcliffe
AA Jayden Pashley Employer Stephen Redcliffe

It may have taken longer than she expected but 21 year old Jayden Pashley is proud that she is now only a few months away from completing her industrial spray painting apprenticeship with local Bundaberg business, Bundy Auto Panels.

After starting her Certificate III in Automotive Refinishing Technology as a school based apprentice at Bundaberg High School in 2012, Jayden wondered if she would ever get the chance to finally complete her apprenticeship and work in her dream career.

BUSY At Work Industry Training Consultant, Betty Lappin said Jayden had faced some difficult circumstances since leaving school.

“We signed Jayden up to her apprenticeship when she was at school and due to circumstances beyond her control she was not able to complete her apprenticeship with a local Bundaberg panel beater,” Ms Lappin said.

Following nearly a year of unemployment, Jayden commenced Reclink Australia’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work program in early January 2017.

Here she completed her Traineeship in Construction whilst being employed over twenty-two weeks working on a community-based project at the Community Lifestyle Support site in Kalkie.

The project offered Jayden the opportunity to gain new accredited qualifications and further develop skills contributing to future employability in the trade industry.

During this time Jayden was introduced to BUSY At Work’s Business Development Manager, Stacey Carey.

“When Jayden came to us she expressed her disappointment that her dream job as an industrial spray painter had come to an end.”

“Being unemployed caused major stress for Jayden and with no guidance, Jayden was unsure what to do next.”

“Jayden was shown she could reach these goals through hard work and patience.”

“With BUSY At Work promoting Jayden, along with assistance and support from Reclink Australia staff, Jayden was offered the opportunity for employment with Bundy Auto Panels, sourced through Betty Lappin,” Ms Carey explained.

Reclink Australia’s Queensland State Manager Steve Hutchinson said it was fantastic to see people like Jayden realise their goals through participation in Reclink Australia’s traineeship programs.

“Through the collaborative processes established with BUSY At Work and partnering RTOs we are able to assist many people to break the cycle of unemployment, gain new skills, qualifications and targeted support to overcome challenges and achieve the next step in their life’s journey,” said Mr Hutchinson

With less than a few months to complete her apprenticeship Jayden was excited to be working full time again in her desired trade.

“I love learning how to apply all the variety and different types of paints. It’s always a great feeling to see how satisfied the customer is after their car is fixed and back on the road.”

“One day in the future I would like to open up my own shop but in the meantime I am very happy to be working here with the support of great tradesmen around me,” Jayden said.

Jayden was thankful for the support she had received not only from BUSY At Work and Reclink Australia, but also from her family.

“My pop, dad and uncles were always interested in cars and motor bikes and I got to learn a lot from them.”

“While some members of my extended family in Bundaberg have successfully completed a traineeship, I am the only one to complete a traineeship and an apprenticeship as well,” Jayden enthused.

Jayden also believes she is only one of a handful of female spray painters employed in the industry in Queensland, a fact she remains very proud of.

Bundy Auto Panels owner, Steve Redcliffe said Jayden had fitted in very well with the team.

“We are a small business and we run a very tight ship here. Jayden’s work is always of a high standard and she works very well with the other panel beaters and spray painters in our business,” Mr Redcliffe said.

BUSY At Work Managing Director, Paul Miles said it was great to see BUSY At Work working together with Reclink Australia to help Jayden achieve her career work goals.

“Jaden has shown great determination and resilience and with the support and mentoring provided by BUSY At Work and Reclink Australia, Jayden has been able to successfully recommence her apprenticeship and gain sustainable employment for the future,” Mr Miles said.


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