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QTA Finalist Tina, inspires mothers to pursue their career dream!

Young First Nations Female in front of Carpentaria Shire Council media wall
Young First Nations Female in front of Carpentaria Shire Council media wall

Tina Newman, a 34-year old, proud First Nation’s mother of four, has been shortlisted as one of the top three finalists for North Queensland Trainee of the Year in the Queensland Training Awards.

Wanting to be a shining example to her children and seeking a better future for her family, with encouragement from her partner, Tina applied for a traineeship position at Carpentaria Shire Council in Normanton. With very little work experience, Tina was determined to succeed!

After securing the traineeship position, which also involved completing a Certificate III in Business Administration online, it was a very busy year for Tina, juggling motherhood, work and studies!

“My partner was the one who encouraged me to apply for the Traineeship. Not only is it a study on the job and get paid for it, but I also got benefits such as sick leave and annual leave too.

“Now that I’ve completed my Certificate III in Business Administration, with the support of my job and my team I can further develop my skills and knowledge with either studying Certificate IV in Business or a Diploma of Business.”

Tina has now secured a new position on Council as a Tourism and Events Officer where she gets to interact with community and make a positive difference.

“It’s a great feeling knowing that sharing a genuine smile and asking how a customer’s day was had always made a difference once they left our council building just by the smile on their faces.

“BUSY at Work helped me make sure I knew what my rights were during my traineeship. They also checked in throughout the course to see how I was doing and if I ever needed help, I could contact them no matter the situation.”

Tina is an inspiration for mothers everywhere who are looking to get back into the workforce after raising their children.

“If you’re thinking about studying or even just going out into the workforce after having children, don’t be afraid and take the leap. Use those resources that are available to us through our job networks. They can point you in the right direction. There are jobs that can cater to parents with families. I was fortunate to have a great support group both at work and at home.

“Studying online was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made, especially with having kids. I can show my children that no matter what age, you can always start somewhere and push through to making a difference within yourself and your community.”

Being named a regional finalist in the Queensland Training Awards, is proof of what Tina has achieved!

Tina will head to Townsville on 20 July to attend the Tropical North Queensland award ceremony where regional winners will be announced.

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