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Trev’s Kitchens provides life line through an apprenticeship

When Trevor Barrett offered Jack McDougall the opportunity to undertake work experience at his business he had no idea how this decision would make such a difference in this young man’s life.

Jack was struggling at school and like many young people was a high risk candidate for dropping out and becoming another unemployed statistic.

When Trevor realised this, he immediately understood the risk and wanting to help Jack he offered him an apprenticeship at his kitchen manufacturing business.

There were some challenges to overcome including the fact that Jack needed a license to work in the industry. Trevor again stepped up and allowed Jack to clock up his driving hours during work time so he could get licensed.

Paul Miles, CEO BUSY At Work said it was pleasing to see local employers willing to give at risk youth a chance.

“Trevor’s ability to recognise, understand and support at risk youth sets an example of how, if we make a little extra effort as employers providing training and assistance, we can provide opportunities for young people who might otherwise not see a future.”

“With the support of the QGC Strengthening Local Workforces Program and employers like Trevor, we have witnessed a positive outcome in Gladstone for this young man who would have struggled to find an apprenticeship with any other employer due to his age, his education struggles and being unlicensed,” said Mr Miles.

The statistics for young people falling through the cracks between school and employment and further study are high. This demonstrates just one way we as a community can help our young people overcome challenges that to them, seem impossible and with support and guidance, set them on a career pathway for their future.


MEDIA CONTACT: Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator

BUSY At Work

0438 173 960

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