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What are the benefits of agricultural careers?

Agriculture is an important industry in Australia, with a rich history dating back centuries. According to the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF), the sector contributes approximately 3 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product each year.

The organisation estimates there are roughly 134,000 farm businesses across the nation, with family-owned operations comprising 99 per cent of this total. But what makes an agricultural career so attractive? And what apprenticeships and traineeships are available for those looking to gain qualifications in the industry?

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Meanwhile, here are a few of the commonly cited advantages of working in agriculture:

Industry growth

Recent statistics have forecast strong growth for the agriculture industry. NFF President Brent Finlay, commenting on Business Council of Australia research published in December, said productivity in the sector has increased 58 per cent over a 10-year spell.

“Global demand is predicted to increase even further, by 77 per cent by 2050, driven by population growth, rising incomes and urbanisation. These factors create huge potential for the agricultural supply chain,” he explained.

Diverse career choices

Many people assume an agricultural career simply means working on a farm, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While apprentices and trainees can choose to train for jobs as farm supervisors and sheep and cattle station hands, there are also opportunities in crossover areas.

For example, the agriculture industry often needs salespeople and marketers to sell products to farms, as well as business, finance and administration employees to handle the commercial elements.

Work outdoors

People who have an affinity for the great outdoors, farming can be a fantastic career option. Agricultural workers who deal directly with crops or livestock spend a lot of time outside performing physical tasks, which is a plus for anyone who dislikes being chained to an office desk.

Farming is also a suitable career for those who are interested in the environment and conservation, as agriculture has a heavy focus on preserving resources and ensuring sustainable production processes.

Agricultural jobs aren’t for everyone, but with a wide range of professions available and promising growth prospects, you may find an opportunity that suits your skills and personality.

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